2014 Election Watch

Welcome to the Committee of Seventy's 2014 Election Watch, your source for information on the upcoming May 20 Primary Election. Voters heading to the polls this spring will be nominating candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, U.S. representative, state senator (even numbered districts), and state representative. Registered Democrats and Republicans will also vote for state committee people, and in Philly, for city committee people.

For more info on the major issues in the race for governor, check out Seventy's Guv Race 101. As always, Seventy is strictly nonpartisan. But, we'll give you the basics, what the candidates are saying and where to go to find out more about the issues Pennsylvanian's care about.

Guv Race 101

Fracking and the Pennsylvania Governor's Race

Marijuana and the Pennsylvania Governor's Race

Job Creation and the Pennsylvania Governor's Race 

Charter Schools and the Pennsylvania Governor's Race

Candidates for Office

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