Tools & Resources

Who are your elected officials? What exactly are their jobs, and how can you contact them? What are the boundaries of your congressional and state voting districts? How does one run for elected office? The resources here are designed to answer those questions. Informed citizens are the key to responsive and responsible government. Our Resource Center is an extensive reference guide for those who seek to become better informed about government in Philadelphia and its surrounding counties.

Elected Officials

Find out who represents you in various levels of government, learn more about them, and see how to contact them. Remember that politicians do listen to the calls and emails they get from voters. Start here to make your voice heard.

Political Maps

Philadelphia is divided into scores of US Representative Districts, State Senate Districts, City Council Districts, State Representative Districts and 66 Wards and 1684 Divisions. Want to know the boundaries of the district you live in?

Political Parties in Pennsylvania

Parties matter in Pennsylvania - a lot. Here is a listing of the various major and minor parties in the state, with links to their resources and copies of the major party bylaws that dictate how the parties operate.

How to Run for Elected Office

A democracy is only as good as the people who run for public office. Why couldn't that include you? Remember, today's elected leaders began as members of the general public just like you. Look here to see how to get involved.

Public policy resources

Want to see what the Committee of Seventy thinks about issues? Look here to see our reports and official testimony before committees of the City Council and State Legislature. Look deeper behind the issues we work on every day.

Redistricting the Philadelphia Region

The Committee of Seventy and software developer Azavea team up to bring you tools and resources to help understand redistricting, chart its history at the state and local level, and get into the act of designing your own plans.

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