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The Committee of Seventy is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that depends entirely on donations. To keep our voice independent and strong, we refuse to accept government funds. You can make a tax-deductible contribution through our secure website, which will support every aspect of our program from our nonpartisan election-day monitoring efforts to the publication of our free Citizen's Guides. Join the fight for clean and effective government, fair elections, and informed citizens by donating now!

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We could promise you no tax hikes and kiss your baby…but we’re not running for office.

What we can promise you is that the Committee of Seventy will continue to hold our government accountable as they spend your tax dollars and to fight to make Philly a better place for your family to live and work.

You may not realize it but Seventy played a key role in this year’s Presidential election.

1.    Seventy put nearly 1,000 trained volunteers on the phones and on the street on Election Day to help you and your neighbors vote. 
2.    Leading up to Tuesday’s election, and for the past nine months, Seventy organized a non-partisan statewide coalition of more than 175 organizations and government officials to educate people about the Pennsylvania Voter ID law.
3.    Seventy identified the harm done to thousands of would-be voters in Philadelphia who found themselves disenfranchised or forced to vote on paper ballots on Election Day.  We are leaning hard on the officials who run elections to make sure this outrage does not happen again.

But Seventy doesn’t just fight for you on election day. On the other 364 days of the year, Seventy fights for what you want:  efficient, honest, fair and effective government.

And as the race to elect our next mayor begins to heat up (Yes, it is already happening!), Seventy will take the lead to set the agenda for the next mayor and City Council. You can be sure that Seventy will keep you informed about all of the important issues.

We need your vote!

The Committee of Seventy refuses to take government money, which means we need help from people like you.  Please support the only independent, non-partisan voice fighting for a clean, effective government in Philadelphia.  Make your donation below:

And as always, we’ll see you at the polls. And thank you for voting!

You can send a check made out to "The Committee of Seventy" to our office:

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